Contact JoJo Your Webmaster

Helpdesk Issues

Please only contact me for help if the helpdesk is unable to resolve your problem.

For problems with your profile, or with your membership, or with upgrade payments, or cancelling or deleting your profile please go to the HelpDesk

If you raise an issue on the above topics with me I will simply raise a support ticket for you. The issue will not be handled any more quickly.

If the support desk does not resolve the issue you can escalate the problem to me, and I will speak to the Helpdesk managers.

To raise an issue with me send a message through WhatsApp messenger on +1 506 784 7337 - I do not answer voice calls and the messages will be answered during "Atlantic Time" working hours.

Personal Contact

I do meet my members, but only if they meet the terms in my profile.

I do not indulge in phone sex. I only answer requests to meet by message through my profile or by emails from my personal website